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Who Are OnPoint Realty Solutions?

Point Realty Solutions is a cash house buyer with nearly two decades of experience in the real estate sector. We will acquire any house in any condition in under 28 days or at a time that is convenient for you. If you want a quick and painless cash house sale, we're the company for you. We assist you in selling your home without the use of estate agents or the headaches associated with auction sales. Furthermore, there will be no solicitor fees to pay (since we will cover all of them). Please fill out the form below for a no-obligation chat and a FREE property valuation report:

We Will Buy Any Home

Here are some reasons why our "we buy any house" service might be a good fit for you.

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014 You don’t want to deal with estate agents (and pay their fees).

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014 You’re trying to sell a problem property that won’t sell on the open market.

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014 Your home needs to be renovated, but you don’t have the funds, time, or patience to do it yourself.

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014 You wish to avoid the discomforts of an open market sale (time wasters, uncertainties, solicitor delays, and so on).

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014You don’t want to be responsible for any legal fees.

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014Your house sale chain is broken (i.e., the present transaction has fallen through, but you’ve already pledged to utilize the funds to buy another property).

Check Mark on SoftBank 2014You just want a fresh start and don’t want your neighbors to find out about the selling.

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We Buy Any House – Key Facts


We’re a Trustworthy Cash Home Buying Company

We Buy Any House, a service provided by OnPoint Realty Solutions, does not rely on mortgage financing to purchase houses.
This allows us to complete house sales far faster than what is feasible through an estate agent, as evidenced in our speed of sale tool.
You can also rest assured that we will not play ridiculous games with you, such as contacting you at the last minute to request a discount on the purchase price.Don’t forget to inquire about our no-interest cash advances. This is where we can send you funds before the deal is finalized.


Every time, complete transparency and integrity are guaranteed.

Our honest and flexible approach sets us apart from the ‘fly by nights’ that unfortunately tarnish the industry’s reputation as one of the US’s oldest professional homebuying organizations. Check out the many testimonials from satisfied customers who have used our “we buy any house” service. Every time, we’ve delivered a safe transaction in the shortest amount of time (with absolutely no fees).


We are a licensed company that buys any house.

Property Solvers is fully accountable to a variety of regulatory organizations, including The Property Ombudsman’s code of conduct, the National Property Buyers Association’s code of conduct, Trading Standards, Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, the Information Commissioner’s Office, and NAEA PropertyMark. In addition, we are the only quick home buying firm in the US with its own Code of Ethics and Practice. As our reviews demonstrate, you may be confident that we are a far cry from the countless rapid property sale scam companies out there.


No Estate Agency or Solicitor (Legal) Fees

As this is a private property sale, there will be no sales commissions. We normally advise our clients to employ our recommended conveyancers, who are well-versed in handling quick home transactions. On Point Realty Solutions will cover the entire expense of legal conveyancing (including disbursements). The savings here are frequently in the tens of thousands of pounds. As a result, you can be confident that the price we offer is exactly what you will pay.


We Make Quick Cash Offers on Houses

Following our initial discussion, we will quickly examine your property using our systemized valuation process and return to you with a quick selling offer (100 percent cash) within hours. This offer will be based on our thorough house valuation procedure. The offer price will be determined using data from the HM Land Registry and expert surveyors, rather than personal judgment. You can contact your dedicated sales consultant at any time and ask any queries you have. Our contact center is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (call us at +1 215-730-9834). We are always willing to assist.


Property Viewings are limited.

We will only need to perform one inspection of the property to confirm things if you are satisfied with the cash offer. Again, we can arrange this shortly once you agree to proceed, and we can visit on weekends if that is more suitable for you. We may also need to commission an independent poll, but this is not always essential.


100% Private and Secure Sale

You will only sell to one of Property Solvers’ affiliated home buying firms. We are more than prepared to keep the sale fully discreet, except for the attorneys who are overseeing the sale. There will be no need to be concerned about ‘For Sale’ signs, viewers trampling all over your home, or other annoyances associated with selling through a high street estate agent. You’ll have a point of contact to ask for anything you need as the transaction progresses, in addition to a designated solicitor and direct contact details for our Head Office.


Assisted Sales (a combination of our We "Buy Any House" and Estate Agency / Auction Services)

This is where we will work with you to sell your property on the open market, either through our estate agency or through an online property auction service. An aided sale would be appropriate if your property requires extensive refurbishment or home improvement work, for example. Every scenario is unique, but in many circumstances, we may take over any current payments and cover the necessary repairs before advertising your home. Other homeowners we work with prefer to sell their homes directly via us, such as through our auction house.

How The Process Works

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket. You’ll Get A Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!


Tell Us About Your House

Use the phone number or the web form to contact us. We’ll analyse the figures and come up with a specific number for how much we can pay you.


We Call You to See The House

We normally contact within minutes to talk about the situation, answer questions, and schedule a visit to the house.


Receive Your Cash Offer

We buy houses in the United States as-is, so no repairs are necessary before closing. We will make you a reasonable offer to buy your house as-is.


Set Move-Out Date

The date has been chosen. We’re working at your time and speed! Stress-Free. and stay calm as we promised you regarding our services.